Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Ting Ting Xiao

Ting Ting Xiao, co-first author of A Homeotic Mutation Changes Legume Nodule Ontogeny into Actinorhizal-type Ontogeny

Current position: Postdoc researcher at Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Education background: Ph.D., in Plant Molecular biology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Non-scientific Interests: traveling, cooking, diving, shopping, reading and drawing with my daughter ……

Brief bio: I used to live with my grandparents in the mountain area, which has all kinds of beautiful plants. And I was so attracted by them and keep on asking grandma about their names. That’s how I fell in love with plants! So, after high school I was happy to join the College of Horticulture Science in Shandong Agricultural University. There, I gained my background in plant science, especially in plant physiology. During my studies, I was attracted by the well-developed agriculture science and industry of the Netherlands. So after graduating, I moved to the Netherlands where I started my Master’s at Wageningen University. After obtaining my Master’s degree, I joined the Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Wageningen University as a PhD student, under the supervision of Prof Ton Bisseling. My project mainly focused on root nodule organogenesis on legume plant. In 2017, I joined Prof Ikram Blilou’s lab in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. Here, I am working as a postdoc. My research focuses on understanding mechanisms of adaptation of desert plants with a special focus on date palm, Phoenix dactylifera, an important crop for desert agriculture. I use molecular biology, genetics, cell biology and high resolution imaging approaches to address these research questions.






生物简介:小的时候我与祖父母一起住在山区,那里有各种美丽的植物。因为一直被它们所吸引,我不停的问姥姥它们的名字,想要认清楚它们每一个的样子。大概就是从那时起,我爱上了植物!所以,高中毕业以后,我开心的选择了在山东农业大学的园艺学科就读,在那里,我获得了很多植物学,尤其是植物生理学方面的知识背景。在本科学习期间我得知了荷兰高度发达的农业科学。于是,毕业后我申请到了瓦赫宁根大学硕士,主修植物分子学育种。获得硕士学位后,我作为博士生加入了瓦赫宁根大学Ton Bisseling教授的分子生物学实验室。从那以后,我开始了在豆科植物于根瘤菌互作产生的根瘤器官的发生机制上的探索。2015年获得博士学位后,我作为博士后研究员留在了同一个实验室并继续了之前的研究。直到2017年,我加入了在沙特阿拉伯国王阿卜杜拉科技大学Ikram Blilou教授的实验室。在这里,我主要感兴趣的是了解沙漠植物的发育适应性。在这里,枣椰树,Phoenix dactylifera,作为沙漠农业的重要农作物,成为我的主要研究对象。我通过使用分子生物学,遗传学,细胞生物学和高分辨率显微镜成像方法来研究它有哪些发育策略加强了植物对环境的适应性。