Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Christophe Lambing

Christophe Lambing, first author of Interacting genomic landscapes of REC8-cohesin, chromatin and meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Current Position:  Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge, UK

Education: PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Birmingham, UK. Master in Biosciences at the University of Bath, UK. BSc in Molecular Genetics at the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy, France

Non-scientific Interests: Running, reading, travelling

Brief bio: I am passionate about understanding meiosis and its potential applications for plant breeding such as accelerating the discovery of genes underlying QTLs or re-introducing local genetic diversity in cultivars. I completed my PhD in the laboratory of Professor Chris Franklin where I investigated the fundamental mechanisms of meiosis in Arabidopsis. During this time, I became fascinated by how the chromatin organises in loop-arrays along a chromosome axis during meiosis. As a PhD student, I collected evidence that the chromosome axis coordinates the initiation of recombination events as well as the formation of crossovers, which are essential to break genetic linkages and generate new combination of alleles. After I finished my PhD in 2014, I moved to the laboratory of Dr Ian Henderson in Cambridge where I developed genomic techniques to profile recombination sites and meiotic chromosome structure genome-wide. This led to this work, which presents the first genome-wide map of REC8 cohesin in plants and reveals striking patterns of cohesin enrichment related with chromatin features and recombination. These findings provide new insight into the roles of chromatin and the chromosome axis in controlling recombination during meiosis.


第一作者:Christophe Lambing








我的研究兴趣主要在减数分裂及其在植物育种的潜在应用。减数分裂的研究可以加速数量性状基因座位相关基因的发现或局部性重新引入品种的遗传多样性。我在Chris Franklin教授的实验室中攻读博士学位期间,研究了拟南芥减数分裂的基本机制。在此期间,我研究了减数分裂过程中染色质如何沿着染色体轴以环状序列排列。作为一名博士生,我收集了证据显示染色体轴可以协调重组事件的开始以及交叉的形成,这对于打破遗传连锁和产生新的等位基因组合至关重要。于2014年获得博士学位后,我在剑桥大学Ian Henderson实验室开始博士后研究,我研发了以基因组技术来描绘重组位点和全基因组减数分裂染色体结构。这项工作展示了植物中REC8黏附素的第一个全基因组图谱,并揭示了黏附素富集的模式与染色质特征和重组有关。这些发现为染色质和染色体轴在减数分裂过程中控制重组中的作用提供了新的见解。