Recognizing Plant Cell authors: Ching Chan

Ching Chan, first author of STRESS INDUCED FACTOR 2 regulates Arabidopsis stomatal immunity through phosphorylation of the anion channel SLAC1

Current Position: Post-doctoral researcher, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Education: PhD in Biology (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); MPhil and BSc in Biochemistry (The University of Hong Kong)

Non-scientific interest: swimming, cycling, running, snowboarding

Brief bio: Out of curiosity, I “committed” to academic research. The more I tried, the more unknowns I found. “Sapientia et Virtus” – the principal driving force to press on, striving for a minuet change for good. Using the fundamental cell and molecular biology techniques, I attempted to solve the molecular basis of various physiological observations. With Prof. Laurent Zimmerli’s group, I explored the role of stomatal movement in relation to plant innate immunity, a process modulated by membrane receptor kinases and ion channels through phosphorylation events. To our surprise, the initial stress sensor and the final actuator of a complexly regulated pathway are in very close proximity. Yet, one can again wonder about the redundancy of dozens of closely related receptors. How do they differ from each other in function? Recently, I started working on a group of protein kinases, which potentially plays dual roles in plant immunity as well as in phosphate homeostasis. More complicated, more unknown, more challenging!



當前職位:中央研究院 博士後研究員