Rapid evolution of protein diversity by de novo origination in Oryza (Nature Ecol Evol)

The de-novo origin of new protein-coding genes from non-coding regions of plant genomes is a contributor to protein diversity, although it has been difficult to quantify to what extent this process occurs. High quality reference genome maps, deep transcriptome and targeted proteome sequencing are requisite for discovery of de novo genes. Using genome and transcriptome data from 10 members of genus Oryza,  Zhang et al. identified 175 de novo originating open reading frames. The origin of new genes was mapped and the molecular events identified that led to their emergence, such as indels and premature termination codon disappearance.  Interestingly, several of these new genes that were validated to form an active protein express in a more tissue specific manner than comparable old singleton genes. (Summary by Kaushal Kumar Bhati) Nature Ecol. Evol. 10.1038/s41559-019-0822-5