Plant Physiology Launches Assistant Features Editors

By Michael R. Blatt and Mary Williams

NEW (July 31, 2019): Information about applying to the 2020 Plant Physiology Assistant Features Editor program can be found here. Applications due by September 30, 2019. See below for more information on the AFE program.


This month we are delighted to introduce our new team of Assistant Features Editors at Plant Physiology. These young scientists are keen to communicate what is at the forefront of global research in plants today and going forward in the future. The Assistant Features Editors have taken their places on the journal editorial board with the start of this year. They will be working with Mary and me and the staff of Plant Physiology, contributing commentaries, blog posts, podcasts, and videos to highlight developments of special interest both within and beyond the pages of Plant Physiology. I am especially grateful to the Editors of Plant Physiology who are supporting this endeavor and encouraging the Assistant Features Editors as they build their expertise in the coming months and years. The Assistant Features Editors are already at work, and I welcome this enthusiastic team to help promote research in the plant sciences and at the very forefront of our knowledge.