Plant Physiology Editor-in-Chief Yunde Zhao organized a webinar for Chinese plant biologists

On January 14th, 2022, Editor-in-Chief and Plant Physiology editors from China met more than three hundred Chinese researchers and students through a webinar. Yunde first briefly introduced the history and current status of Plant Physiology. He then presented his vision for the journal in the next five years and how Plant Physiology can better serve the plant biology community worldwide, including plant biologists in China. In his presentation, Yunde highlighted various benefits for publishing in Plant Physiology, including in-house editing by science editors and increased visibility through News and Views articles written by Plant Physiology Assistant Features Editors. During the webinar, Yunde also introduced Plant Physiology editors based in China, including two Assistant Features Editors. The event generated lots of interests in Plant Physiology from Chinese scientists. The participants asked more than 40 questions about Plant Physiology’s scopes, peer review, and suitable plant systems. Yunde addressed all the questions  and commented on topics related to peer review such as conflict of interests. The Webinar is a successful attempt to connect Plant Physiology and its editors to the plant biologists in China.