Mohammed Abu-Dieyeh: Plant Direct First Author

Mohammed Abu-Dieyeh, first author of “Biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in plant roots and rhizosphere soil from different arid land environment of Qatar”

Current Position: Acting Department Head, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Qatar University.

Education: B.Sc. and M.Sc., University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan. PhD, McGill University, Canada.

Brief bio: Dr. Abu-Dieyeh achieved honor degrees in both B.Sc. and M.Sc. in biological sciences from Jordan University in Amman-Jordan.  He obtained a PhD degree in Plant Sciences from Plant Science Department at McGill University, Canada in 2006. During his PhD study, Dr. Abu-Dieyeh awarded the best “Pest Management Research Graduate Student Award” in 2006 from The Canadian Society of Agronomy. Dr. Abu-Dieyeh worked in teaching in several Universities in Jordan. He joined The Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan since 2006 as assistant Professor and he chaired the Department of Biology and Biotechnology for three years and promoted to Associate Professor in 2013. He moved to Qatar University since September 2013 as Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and from 2014 and up to 2019 he assigned as a Graduate Programs Coordinator for the M.Sc. and PhD programs in the department. Since September 2019 and up to date, I appointed as an Acting Head of the Department. In October 2020, Dr. Abu-Dieyeh has been promoted to full Professor rank.

Dr. Abu-Dieyeh primarily expertise is in biocontrol which started in Dr. Alan Watson Lab at McGill University where he joined a research team working on a project to find out a bioherbicide to control dandelion and other broadleaves plants in turfgrass agrosystemes. He did different greenhouse, growth chamber and long-term field biocontrol experiments. The outcomes were 8 research articles in high Q1 journals (i.e. Applied ecology, Weed research, Weed science, Weed technology, ..etc.) in addition to one US patent about improving the effectiveness of the mycoherbicide (Sclerotinia minor) under high field temperature.

The recent research expertise of Dr. Abu-Dieyeh includes applied plant ecology; focusing on plant bio-products; plant microbial interactions, Halophytes services and conservation, weed biology and biocontrol, plant allelopathy, plant growth promoting using applications of rhizobacteria and mycorrhizae. In addition, he participated in environmental research projects related to re-use of wastewater and microbial bioremediation and phytoremediation of heavy metals in the polluted soil and/or water. He supervised 24 undergraduate senior projects, 14 master and 3 PhD student theses; He published 45 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, one book, 5 chapters and one patent. He participated as an invited speaker in 23 international conferences in USA, Canada, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, China and Japan. He granted several external and internal grants, seven of them as In April 2018, He and his team awarded the First Prize of Qatar National Research Funds of the 10th QNRF annual undergraduate research experience program. For research profile of Dr. Abu-Dieyeh, please click the below link