PLANT DIRECT – TOP ARTICLES OF 2020 based on Altmetric scores

Plant Direct is pleased to announce our Top 5 of 2020 articles based on Altmetric scores.  Altmetrics are metrics and qualitative data that are complementary to traditional, citation-based metrics. They can include (but are not limited to) peer reviews on Faculty Opinions, citations on Wikipedia and in public policy documents, discussions on research blogs, mainstream media coverage, bookmarks on reference managers like Mendeley, and mentions on social networks such as Twitter.

#1 Plant Direct Article of 2020

Plant Science Decadal Vision 2020–2030: Reimagining the Potential of Plants for a Healthy and Sustainable Future

In our September 2020 issue —

AUTHORS:  Natalie Henkhaus (American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)), Madelaine Bartlett (University of Massachusetts Amherst), David Gang (Washington State University), Rebecca Grumet (Michigan State University), Ingrid Jordon‐Thaden (University of Wisconsin‐Madison), Argelia Lorence (Arkansas State University), Eric Lyons (University of Arizona), Samantha Miller (Beck’s Hybrids), Seth Murray (Texas A&M University), Andrew Nelson (Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research), Chelsea Specht (Cornell University), Brett Tyler (Oregon State University), Thomas Wentworth (NC State University), David Ackerly (University of California, Berkley), David Baltensperger (Texas A&M University), Philip Benfey (Duke University), James Birchler (University of Missouri, Columbia), Sreekala Chellamma (Corteva Agriscience), Roslyn Crowder (Stetson University), Michael Donoghue (Yale), Jose Pablo Dundore‐Arias (California State University, Monterey Bay), Jacqueline Fletcher (Oklahoma State University), Valerie Fraser (Oregon State University), Kelly Gillespie (Bayer Crop Science), Lonnie Guralnick (Roger Williams University), Elizabeth Haswell (Washington University in St Louis), Mitchell Hunter (American Farmland Trust), Shawn Kaeppler (University of Wisconsin‐Madison), Stefan Kepinski (University of Leeds), Fay‐Wei Li (Boyce Thompson Institute), Sally Mackenzie (The Pennsylvania State University), Lucinda McDade (California Botanic Garden), Ya Min (Harvard University), Jennifer Nemhauser (University of Washington), Brian Pearson (University of Florida), Peter Petracek (Valent BioSciences LLC), Katie Rogers (ASPB), Ann Sakai (University of California, Irvine), Delanie Sickler (Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research), Crispin Taylor (ASPB), Laura Wayne (Corteva Agriscience), Ole Wendroth (University of Kentucky), Felipe Zapata (University of California, Los Angeles) and David Stern (Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research)

#2 Plant Direct Article of 2020

Current Status of the Multinational Arabidopsis Community


In our August 2020 issue —

AUTHORS:  Geraint Parry (Cardiff University), Nicholas J. Provart (University of Toronto), Siobhan M. Brady (University of California, Davis) Baris Uzilday (Ege University) The Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (Department of Cell and System Biology/Centre for the Analysis of Genome Evolution and Function, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

#3 Plant Direct Article of 2020

Prediction of Leaf Water Potential and Relative Water Content Using Terahertz Radiation Spectroscopy

In our April issue —

AUTHORS:  Marvin Browne (University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)), Nezih Tolga Yardimci (UCLA), Christine Scoffoni (California State University), Mona Jarrahi (UCLA) and Lawren Sack (UCLA)

#4 Plant Direct Article of 2020

Phaseolus Vulgaris SUT1.1 is a High Affinity Sucrose‐Proton Co‐Transporter

In our August 2020 issue —

AUTHORS:  James P. Santiago (Michigan State University), John M. Ward (University of Minnesota, Saint Paul), Thomas D. Sharkey (Michigan State University)

#5 Plant Direct Article of 2020

Efficient Targeted Mutagenesis in Allotetraploid Sweet Basil by CRISPR/Cas9


In our June 2020 issue —

AUTHORS:  Natasha Navet (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and Miaoying Tian (University of Hawaii at Manoa)