Pascal Genschik, Senior Editor

Areas of expertise
ubiquitination, CULLIN-ring ligases, autophagy, cell cycle, DNA repair, epigenetic regulation, phytohormones, RNA silencing.

Pascal Genschik holds a PhD and a Habilitation from the University of Strasbourg, France. Since 1997, he has been a group leader at the Institute of Molecular Plant Biology in Strasbourg. He studies various aspects of plant growth and development. His group has identified key components of the ethylene, abscisic acid, and gibberellin signaling pathways in the model plant Arabidposis. Recent work focuses on the cell cycle, epigenetic regulation, and autophagy. A major 5-year goal of his group is to unravel the post-translation regulation of core components of the machinery for RNA-mediated silencing.

Editorial experience
Plant Cell, Reviewing Editor (2004-); Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Editorial board (2003-2006).

Honors and awards include
ERC Advanced Grantee (LS3); Wissenschaftspreis, University Freising; Elected member of EMBO; GAUTHERET Prize, French Academy of Sciences.

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