Nikolaeva et al.’s reference book on seed dormancy and germination ($) (Ecology)

In 1985, Marianna Nikolaeva, Marina Razumova, and Valentina Gladkova published the Reference Book on Dormant Seed Germination. There they provided details on the germination ecology of different plant species –mostly from Northern Europe and Russia. However, since the original publication was in Russian, it remained unnoticed for most seed scientists outside Russia. Fortunately, Rosbakh et al. translated and digitalized the information contained in Nikolaeva et al. publication, and we can now easily access to this vast compendium. This highly valuable dataset –attached to the article as supplemental data– gathers information about the dormancy, germination, and storage behavior of almost 3000 species of seed plants (~1% of the total plant species worldwide). Moreover, it also recovers the nearly 550 seed ecology studies cited in the book published in between 1926-1985. As a result, this data paper allows the seed science community to rediscover a source of information that provides meaningful insights into the development of seed germination ecology worldwide. (Summary by Carlos A. Ordóñez-Parra @caordonezparra Ecology 10.1002/ecy.3049