Nicholas Gladman: Plant Direct First Author

Nicholas Gladman, first author of “Sorghum Root Epigenetic Landscape During Limiting Phosphorus Conditions”

Current Position: Research Plant Molecular Geneticist, USDA-ARS

Education: Ph.D. in Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Non-scientific Interests: Hiking and baking

Brief bio:  I originally worked on Arabidopsis molecular biology in graduate school but promptly shifted to crops when I transitioned to a postdoctoral position with the Agricultural Research Service. There I was introduced to Sorghum bicolor and its great potential as a valuable commodity for a world challenged by climate change and an ever-growing population. During my mentorship under Drs. Zhanguo Xin and Doreen Ware, I expanded my experimental scope from molecular characterization of useful traits to include a strong understanding of bioinformatics through genomic expression and epigenetic profiling in addition to appreciating the challenges and rewards of greenhouse and field work. This published article incorporates collaborative hydroponics experiments with Leon Kochian and Jurandir Magalhães, which are complemented with our advanced sequencing and data analysis to provide insight into root system architectural changes during limiting phosphorus conditions in Sorghum bicolor.