Harley Gordon: The Plant Cell First Author

Harley Gordon, first author of “CRISPR/Cas9 Disruption of UGT71L1 in Poplar Connects Salicinoid and Salicylic Acid Metabolism and Alters Growth and Morphology”

Current Position: PhD Candidate, University of Victoria

Education: MSc University of Guelph, BSc University of Victoria

Non-scientific Interests: Hiking, Climbing, Canoeing, Fighting Climate Change

Brief bio: Harley is at home in the forests and mountains of the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Raised under the canopy of the Great Bear Rainforest his decision to pursue a PhD in forest biology was a natural one. He is passionate about chemical ecology, metabolic pathways, and good science. His work on this paper is a culmination of several years of PhD study and the research took him to three separate labs on two continents. Harley looks forward to completing his PhD and contributing professionally to the worldwide community of plant scientists.