More Jobs on Plantae Job Center – March 7, 2018

ASPB and Plantae have already set a tone of collaboration and constant improvement by and for plant scientists. In keeping with our commitment to providing the best recruitment resources for our members, we offer the Plantae Job Center. The Job Center will provide service includes features that will make it much easier to facilitate connections between plant scientists and the institutions that employ them. We are truly excited to take the next step in becoming a vibrant, viable force in the plant science community.

And now the Plantae Job Center has joining the Engineering and Science Career Network, which has increased the number of jobs you have access to through the Job Center.  Check it out today.


Recent Job Posts:

Internship Posts:

Boyce Thompson Institute, 2018 Plant Genome research Program Summer Internship (NSF REU), Ithaca, NY, USA

ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, International Availability

Environmental Studies Research & Education Internships, Edgewater, MD, USA


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