Luyan Zhou: The Plant Cell First Author

Luyan Zhou, co-first author of “Phytochrome Interacting Factor Regulates Stomatal Aperture by Coordinating Red Light and Abscisic Acid”

Current Position: Master degree candidate at Yangzhou University, China

Education: B.Sc. at Yangzhou University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, painting, and cooking

Brief bio: In 2020, I began to study for a master’s degree in Prof. Gao Yong’s laboratory, School of life science and technology, Yangzhou University. Under the careful guidance of Prof. Gao Yong, the function of phytochrome interaction factors (PIFs) in rice was studied. PIFs could interact with red receptor Phys and regulate stomatal aperture. Our findings explain the molecular mechanism by which PIFs play a role in red-light-mediated stomatal movement, and demonstrate that PIFs could regulate stomatal aperture by coordinating the red light and ABA.