Qian Li: The Plant Cell First Author

Qian Li, co-first author of “Phytochrome Interacting Factor Regulates Stomatal Aperture by Coordinating Red Light and Abscisic Acid”

Current Position: Master degree candidate at Yangzhou University, China

Education: B.Sc. at Yangzhou University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading and travelling

Brief bio: I started master studies with Prof. Yong Gao in the Yangzhou University in 2019. The function and mechanism of phytochrome interaction factors PIFs in regulating stomatal aperture was the topic of my study. In this study, our work characterized the function of OsPIL15, a negative regulator of red light responses, in regulating stomatal aperture and provided insights into the roles of OsPIL15-OsHHO3-OsABI5 module in mediating stomatal aperture by coordinating the red light and ABA. We also found that PIF-mediated regulation of stomatal aperture may be conserved in the plant.