Local auxin biosynthesis is a key regulator of plant development ($) (Devel Cell)

Morphogenic gradients of auxin are essential for plant phenotypic plasticity. Polar auxin transport plays a central role in auxin maxima generation. The exquisite spatiotemporal expression patterns of auxin biosynthesis genes suggested that local sources of auxin may contribute to the formation of auxin maxima. Brumos et al. addressed the role of local auxin biosynthesis in plant development by modifying auxin local production sites. Local auxin biosynthesis and transport act synergistically and are individually dispensable for root meristem maintenance. In contrast, flower fertility and root responses to stress require local auxin production that cannot be compensated for by transport in the establishment of auxin maxima. (Summary by Javier Brumos Fuentes) Developmental Cell: 10.1016/j.devcel.2018.09.022