Iron availability sensed in leaf vasculature causes changes in transcriptional programs (Plant Cell Environ)

Iron is an essential micronutrient for plants but it is often not bioavailable in the soil. Thus, plants have evolved difference processes for iron sensing and iron uptake. OLIGOPEPTIDE TRANSPORTER 3 (OPT3) is an important iron transporter and is a component of the systemic network that mediates iron deficiency responses in Arabidopsis. This study by Khan and colleagues use expression analysis, transcription analysis and analysis of OPT3 mutants to examine iron sensing in the roots and shoots. They describe early transcriptional events related to iron limitation and resupply, and show that the leaf vasculature responds faster than the roots to changes in iron supply. These results indicate that OPT3 and the leaf vasculature have roles in iron sensing between the root and the shoot. (Summary by Julia Miller) Plant Cell Environ. 10.1111/pce.13192