In-Cheol Yeo: Plant Physiology First Author

In-Cheol Yeo, first author of “An unexpected role for tomato threonine deaminase 2 in host defense against bacterial infection”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M University

Education: B.S in Biotechnology from Chung-Ang University, M.S. in Life Science from Chung-Ang University, Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University

Non-scientific Interests: Watching soccer games

Brief bio: I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Chung-Ang University in South Korea. During my M.S. education, I studied the interspecies interaction of antibiotic-producing microorganisms with pathogens. In my doctoral studies, I switched my research field to plant biology, specifically the molecular mechanisms used by tomato during immunity to bacterial pathogens. Currently, I’m working in the laboratories of Dr. Ping He and Dr. Libo Shan at Texas A&M University as a postdoc focusing on lipid-regulated cell death mechanisms in Arabidopsis.