Identification and characterization of wheat stem rust resistance gene Sr21 effective against the Ug99 race group at high temperature (OA)

Stem rust is a fungal disease of wheat caused by Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici (Pgt). The Ug99 race group of the fungus has evolved the ability to overcome most stem rust (Sr) resistance genes. Previously, Sr21, an Sr gene that confers partial resistance to Ug99, was found in diploid wheat. Chen et al. showed that Sr21 corresponds to the NLR gene, CNL1, which encodes a nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (NLR) protein. Introduction of two or more copies of Sr21 into hexaploid wheat led to partial Ug99 resistance. Interestingly, resistance conferred by CNL1 is increased at higher temperatures. CNL1 transcripts and transcripts of key pathogenesis-related genes are also elevated at higher temperatures. (Summary by Mary Williams) PLOS Genet. 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007287