Functional identification of MdPIF1 as a Phytochrome Interacting Factor in apple ($)

PIF1 is a well-studied negative regulator of phytochrome-mediated photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Zhou et al. cloned the PIF1 cDNA from apple (Malus domestica) and characterized the gene itself. Interestingly, the bHLH and active Phytochrome B binding (APB) motif is conserved in MdPIF1 and a complementation assay of MdPIF1 into a pil5 mutant suggests MdPIF1 is biologically functional. Similar to Arabidopsis PIF1, MdPIF1 is also involved in seed germination in apples. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 10.1016/j.plaphy.2017.08.027