First Author Profiles

Have you recently published an article in The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, or Plant Direct as the first author? If you have, I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to send me your profile! For the past couple of years, we’ve been helping our first authors get the word out about themselves and their work via social media channels by showcasing not only the title of their article and a link to it on the journals’ websites but also a brief biography along with a photo of the author. The profile includes the first author’s education, current position, and non-scientific interests (like cat breeding, chess, gardening, hiking, tattoos, baking, photography, decorating, jigsaw puzzles, yoga, Cross Fit, cooking… the list is endless!). We also ask for a brief biography. Some authors expound on their research and some have told us something fun they’d like others to know about themselves, like having an interest in outreach to budding scientists in high schools, or communicating the impact of plant science research on society through speaking engagements or workshops, or engaging the plant science community itself in ways other than their research. This additional social media “boost” by the journals has been quite well received by the authors, who have taken advantage of having their work highlighted with extra tweets (to retweet!) and our other social media efforts.

If you’re a first author in one of our journals and haven’t sent me your profile yet – please do! I’ll be happy to help you get the word out about your fabulous self and your great work. Just email me at (Don’t forget to include a photo of yourself and your Twitter handle!).

Keep up the good work!