Featured Resource – Faculty Job: Myths and Realities Interview Series by Arif Ashraf

This week we are featuring the Faculty Job: Myths and Realities Series created by ASPB Ambassador Arif Ashraf. In each interview, faculty members describe their journey from student to newly appointed faculty and answer the following questions:

  • What inspired you most to pursue your current career?
  • Which conferences do you regularly attend?
  • How long did it take you from the beginning of searching faculty jobs to get one?
  • During your job hunt, what did you learn about yourself or about the process of finding an academic job?
  • Based on your experiences and the feedback you got during the job search, what do you think are key skills and accomplishments that a successful candidate must demonstrate?
  • Beyond your research and publications, how did you prepare for the academic job hunt during your postdoc?
  • What qualities do you look for when recruiting for your lab?
  • How do you manage “work-life balance” as a faculty?
  • Whom do you like to thank for supporting and inspiring you along this journey?

So far, this series has had over 13,000 views. Thank you Arif for contributing this useful resource to our community! Check out Arif’s personal blog at http://www.aribidopsis.com/ and follow him on Plantae!

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