Editorial: The Plant Cell Welcomes Assistant Features Editors

We are pleased to introduce to our readers our new team of assistant features editors at The Plant Cell. These talented and energetic young scientists are passionate about plant science and dedicated to communicating the importance and fascination of plant biology to a wide audience. They will work with Features Editors Nancy Eckardt, Kevin Folta, and Mary Williams to write articles, contribute blog posts, and create podcasts highlighting our authors and their work. These editors are helping us to highlight more research articles with In Brief summaries and are contributing interesting stories behind the science for our Medium publication “Plant Cell Extracts” (https://medium.com/plant-cell-extracts). With their help, we will also begin a series of profiles of our editorial board members. We are delighted to be aided in this endeavor by Kevin, who spends most of his time as a researcher and Professor and Department Chair of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. In addition, this year we will be appointing teams of Chinese and Spanish language assistant features editors, who will help us to translate plain-language “Nutshell” summaries (see https://plantae.org/research/the-plant-cell/#nutshell) for a Plant Cell WeChat account and Spanish twitter account. We welcome these editors to further promote the work published within our pages and communicate the value, importance, and fascination of plant science to the wider community.

Nan Eckardt, Senior Features Editor, The Plant Cell

Mary Williams, Features Editor, The Plant Cell

Sabeeha Merchant, Editor in Chief, The Plant Cell