Dan Kliebenstein, Senior Editor


Areas of expertise
Metabolic regulation, secondary metabolism/natural products, statistical genetics, transcriptome and metabolome analysis, plant–biotic interactions.

Dan Kliebenstein is a Professor of Plant Sciences at the University of California, Davis. He completed a BS degree at Iowa State University and a PhD degree at Cornell University and was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology. Dr. Kliebenstein has done groundbreaking work in the field of biochemical genomics in an effort to examine the amazing diversity of secondary metabolites in plants, primarily Arabidopsis, with a focus on the role of secondary metabolites in plant–fungal and plant–insect interactions. The Kliebenstein group uses both primary and secondary metabolites as phenotypes to help elucidate the cause of genetic variation in organisms. He has developed network-based algorithms to rapidly identify causal genes using QTL mapping and genome-wide association approaches that can be used in any species. He is currently developing the model fungal plant pathogen Botrytis cinerea to further examine the role of secondary metabolites in plant–pathogen interactions.

Editorial experience
The Arabidopsis Book, Assistant Editor (2009-); Plant Cell, Reviewing Editor (2011-2014), Senior Editor (2015-); eLife, Associate Editor (2012-); Frontiers in Plant Systems Biology, Associate Editor (2011-); Frontiers in Plant Pathology, Associate Editor (2011-); PLOS Computational Biology, Guest Editor (2014); PLOS Genetics, Guest Editor (2010-2014); PLOS One, Associate Editor (2010-2014).

Honors and awards include
2010-2012 Velux Visiting Professor, University of Copenhagen.

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