Chloroplasts navigate towards the pathogen interface to counteract Phytophthora infection (bioRxiv)

Chloroplasts have diverse roles in plant defense, including contributing to the production of defense compounds. Toufexi, Duggan et al. show new data indicating the dynamic relocation of chloroplasts to the contact point of the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora infestans. Infection also causes an increase of stromule formation (stromules are chloroplast membrane extensions implicated in defense). The authors also demonstrated a role for the chloroplast outer-membrane protein CHUP1 in chloroplast recruitment to the pathogen interface and stromule induction. Signaling via BAK1, targeted by the funal effector AVR3a, contributes to these defense responses. Be sure to have a look at the nice movies! (Summary by Mary Williams)  bioRxiv  10.1101/516443