Chen Feng: Plant Physiology First Author

Chen Feng, first author of “MicroRNA156ab regulates apple plant growth and drought tolerance by targeting transcription factor MsSPL13”

Current position: Seeking for a job


2011.09-2015.06 Sichuan Agricultural University (B.S.);

2015.09-2017.06 Sichuan Agricultural University (M.S.);

2017.09-2023.01 China Agricultural University (Ph.D.)

Non-scientific Interests: Sports and Traveling

Brief bio: I was fortunate to join the College of Horticulture at China Agricultural University in 2017 to pursue my Ph.D. Under the guidance of Prof. Tianhong Li, my major research interest is to excavate the excellent resistance gene resources from Malus sieversii and perform gene function verification. Apple is one of the essential economic horticultural crops in the world, and drought stress severely restricts the high-quality development of the apple industry in China. We identified the microRNA156 (miR156) family member, msi-miR156ab, that regulates IAA-mediated plant development and stress resistance enhancement in apple and Arabidopsis, providing theoretical guidance for cultivating excellent resistant apple varieties.





2011.09-2015.06 四川农业大学 (学士);

2015.09-2017.06 四川农业大学 (硕士);

2017.09-2023.01中国农业大学 (博士)


个人简介:本人有幸于2017年加入中国农业大学园艺学院李天红教授团队,在导师的指导下攻读博士学位,主要从事新疆野苹果优异抗逆基因资源挖掘及功能鉴定的相关研究。苹果是世界重要的经济园艺作物之一,干旱胁迫严重限制我国苹果产业优质发展。我们从新疆野苹果中鉴定到一个microRNA156 (miR156) 家族成员msi-miR156ab,在苹果和拟南芥中msi-miR156ab均参与调控生长素介导的植株发育以及抗逆性提升。该项研究结果有助于为培育优异抗逆苹果新品种奠定理论基础和提供基因资源。