Wenxiang Xie: Plant Physiology First Author

Wenxiang Xie, first author of “PP2C.D phosphatase SAL1 positively regulates aluminum resistance via restriction of aluminum uptake in rice”

Current Position: post-doctoral fellow in CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Engineer, Henan Agricultural University. Master’s degree in Agronomy, Nanjing Agricultural University. And PhD in CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences

Non-scientific Interests: Reading

Brief bio: I entered the CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Science since 2018. Under the guidance of my supervisor Prof. Chao-Feng Huang, I carried out research on aluminum resistance mechanisms in plants. We identified a PP2C.D phosphatase SAL1 in rice by a forward genetic screen and demonstrated that SAL1 positively regulates rice Al resistance by coordination with aluminum transporter NRAT1 to restrict aluminum uptake, whereas Arabidopsis PP2C.D phosphatases negatively regulate aluminum resistance via modulating malate secretion. Our results reveal different strategies adopted by rice and Arabidopsis to cope with aluminum toxicity.