BRC1 expression regulates bud activation potential, but is not necessary or sufficient for bud growth inhibition in Arabidopsis

Shoot branching patterns are determined by whether lateral buds are activated or inhibited. Classic studies showed that auxin transport both in the stem and from the bud affects bud outgrowth, and more recent studies have demonstrated a role for strigolactones in regulating bud outgrowth, probably through effects on auxin transport. Genetic studies in both maize and Arabidopsis point to specific transcription factors including BRANCHED1 (BRC1) as inhibiting branch outgrowth. Seale et al. explored the contribution of BRC1 to bud inhibition and conclude that it is likely to act in parallel with auxin-transport, rather than acting as a downstream integrator or switch of hormonal signals. Development 10.1242/dev.145649

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