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The Q-System as a synthetic transcriptional regulator in plants (Front. Plant Biol.)

The ability to reliably induce a transgene has greatly enhanced the study of plant biology. Various chemical inducible system have worked robustly in plants, but plant synthetic biology is still lacking an efficient orthogonal (from outside) inducible system where multiple genes can be controlled at the same time. The Q-system from the fungus Neurospora crassa […]

In Arabidopsis, low blue light enhances phototropism by releasing cryptochrome 1-mediated inhibition of PIF4 expression (bioRxiv)

A plant’s light environment is complex and variable, but through different photoreceptors the plant can perceive its environment and grow appropriately. For example, plants respond differently in the presence of dense vegetation (leading to a low red to far-red light ratio due to far-red light being reflected off nearby leaves) versus canopy shade (low levels […]