The PB1 domain-containing protein PB1CP negatively regulates the NADPH oxidase RBOHD in plant immunity (bioRxiv)

Plants produces ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) as an immune response against infection. ROS induces additional immune response, but high ROS levels have detrimental effects on plant cellular function. To understand how plants produce just the right amount of ROS, Goto et al. the studied regulation of RBOHD, the NADPH oxidase involved in production of ROS during plant immunity. Using mass spectrometry, the authors identified PB1CP, a PB1 (phagocytosis oxidase/Bem1p)-domain containing protein, as one of the interacting proteins. Through ROS production analysis of PB1CP mutant and overexpression lines, the authors showed that PB1CP negatively regulates PAMP (Pathogen Associated Molecular Pattern)-induced ROS production. The authors also showed re-localization of PB1CP after PAMP treatment from the cell periphery to endomembrane compartments, which reduces the cell membrane expression of RBOHD. (Summary by Sunita Pathak @psunita980)  bioRxiv  10.1101/2020.12.28.423414