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MVApp flies its flag to the challenging frontier of multivariate data analysis

Commentary by Maria Papanatsiou We live an era where omic approaches are essential to decode scientific hypotheses. Indeed, technological advances have accelerated science, resulting in a plethora of insights.  During the past decade, the plant science community has profited from using large and high-throughput phenotypic platforms to characterise multiple traits across time and environmental conditions, […]

Natural Variation Reveals Interplay between C4 Biology and Water Use Efficiency

The year 2016 marked a half-century since the discovery of C4 photosynthesis, yet we still seek to elucidate many of the mechanisms underpinning the C4 cycle. Although C4 and C3 plants share molecular units involved in photosynthesis (Miyao, 2003; Kellogg, 2013), C4 plants have unique morphological traits enabling them to efficiently convert captured CO2 into […]