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The cis-regulatory codes of response to combined heat and drought stress (bioRxiv)

As sessile organisms, plants must not only respond to a single stress, but multiple stresses at the same time. To understand the DNA regulatory elements that mediate the transcriptional response to heat, drought and combined heat and drought stress, Azodi et al. utilized the known transcription factor binding motifs (TFBM) and enrichment based putative cis-regulatory […]

The M3Ks, a missing component discovered in the early ABA core signaling module (Nature Comms)

About a decade ago, the ABA receptors [PYR-ABACTIN RESISTANCE (PYR/PYL)/REGULATORY COMPONENT OF ABA RECEPTOR (RCAR)] were discovered, establishing the PYL-PP2C-SnRK2s core signalling module, in which ABA-binding to PYR/PYL receptors inhibits PP2C phosphatases, leading to activation of SnRK2 kinases, yet it remained unclear whether there are upstream protein kinases leading to SnRK2s activation via phosphorylation. Here, […]

Phenome analysis in multiple combinations of G-protein alpha and beta in Arabidopsis  (Plant J)

Heterotrimeric G-proteins are implicated in a large number of signalling pathways. As their name indicates, they are composed of three different subunits, Gα, Gβ, and Gγ. The Arabidopsis genome has genes encoding four Gα, one Gβ and two Gγ protein subunits, as compared to the multiple members that occur in human G-protein subunit families (23 […]