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Heat shock proteins support refolding and shredding of misfolded proteins

Author: Masanori Izumi Affiliation: RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science, Wako 351-0198, Japan Newly synthesized proteins must be folded to form their proper 3D structures. Stresses perturb protein folding, thereby leading to the hyperaccumulation of misfolded or aggregated proteins. Such disrupted proteostasis causes proteotoxic stress that impairs cellular functions, and organisms must refold or remove […]

Roles of the clock in controlling starch metabolism

Author: Masanori Izumi Affiliation: Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University, Sendai 980–8578, Japan Plants are photoautotrophs that grow via photosynthetic energy production. Under irradiation, chloroplasts in the plant’s green tissues convert light energy to chemical energy and assimilate atmospheric CO2 into sugars to support growth. Plants do not stop growing during the night, […]

Discovery of mitochondrial endonucleases

Prokaryotic endosymbiont-derived organelles (i.e. mitochondria and chloroplasts), contain their own genomes and the copy number of organelle genomes per cell is high; indeed, a previous study calculated that in Arabidopsis thaliana, each cell has 1000 to 1700 copies of the chloroplast genome (Zoschke et al., 2007). Moreover, the copy number changes drastically under specific conditions; […]