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Illuminating photosynthesis in the mesophyll of diverse leaves

Meisha Holloway-Phillips Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel, Switzerland m.holloway-phillips@unibas.ch Since Terashima and Saeki (1983) demonstrated that light attenuation through the leaf was accompanied by spectral changes, there has been increasing interest in how light absorption profiles align with photosynthetic capacity. Progress in our understanding has come from painstaking work relating the internal distribution […]

Photosynthetic Oxygen Production: New Method Brings to Light Forgotten Flux

Oxygen (O2) is evolved during photosynthetic electron transport when water is split by the oxygen-evolving complex to provide protons and electrons to the chloroplastic electron chain, thereby generating ATP and NADPH—the energy source and reducing power for plant metabolism. The majority of this chemical energy is used to drive photosynthetic carbon metabolism, which consists of […]