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Root angle modifications by the DRO1 homolog improve rice yields in saline paddy fields (PNAS)

The spatial configuration of roots is a complex and critical trait for productivity that is impacted by abiotic stresses such as drought, waterlogging, and salinity. Soil salinity is expected to affect 50% of agricultural land worldwide by 2050. This research describes that the loss of function of qSOR1 (quantitative trait locus for SOIL SURFACE ROOTING […]

Structural basis of salicylic acid perception by Arabidopsis NPR proteins (Nature) ($)

Salicylic acid (SA) is a critical hormone in plant-pathogen responses. The main receptors of this hormonal signal are a small family of NPR proteins (NONEXPRESSOR OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES). Although NPR1 is a positive regulator of defense signaling, NPR3 and NPR4 serve as negative regulators; they also interact with NPR1 in a SA-mediated manner. Previous efforts […]

Stimulating photosynthetic processes increases productivity and water-use efficiency in the field (Nature Plants)

Yield potential in crops is determined by the efficiency of photosynthetic rates, which is a critical target for improvement. Previous studies have shown that photosynthetic carbon assimilation and plant biomass can be improved by the stimulation of either regeneration of RuBP (the five-carbon sugar that CO2 attaches to) or the electron transport chain. López-Calcagno et […]