ANXUR receptor-like kinases contribute to both PRR- and NLR-mediated immunity ($)

The plant immune system is often described as having two parts, one which recognizes extracellular conserved microbial signals (pattern-triggered immunity: PTI) and one which is stimulated by the presence of specific microbial effectors (effector-triggered immunity: ETI).  Through a forward-genetic screen, Mang et al. identified a pair of receptor-like kinases ANX1 and ANX2 that are negative regulators for both branches of the immune pathway. In addition to the genetic studies, the authors showed that ANX1 complexes with both FLS2/BAK2 (mediators of PTI) and RPS2/RPM1 (mediators of ETI1). (Summary by Mary Williams) Plant Cell 10.1105/tpc.17.00464