Zhongheng Xia: Plant Physiology First Author

Zhongheng Xia, co-first author of “The transcription factor PbrbZIP52 positively affects pear pollen tube longevity by promoting callose synthesis”

Education: 2019.09-, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (Bachelor)

Non-scientific Interests: Photography, calligraphy and painting, soccer

Brief bio: In 2019, I entered the Horticulture Academy, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and began my study under the supervision of Mr. Jianqing Chen. Fortunately, I entered the laboratory to study early in my freshman year, focusing on the industrial problem of unstable fruit setting in Fujian pear orchards. Under the guidance of the tutor, we carried out the research on the reproductive physiological mechanism related to the callus synthase (CalS) mediated cell wall rebuilding to maintain the pollen tube growth and complete double fertilization.

In this study, we revealed a novel molecular regulatory mechanism that PbrbZIP52 maintains pollen tube longevity in pear by regulating PbrCalS1B.1-mediated callose plug periodically formation. These findings bridge the gap in the delicate regulation mechanisms of callose plug formation in pollen tube. It provides distinctive insights into pear pollen tube growth and the seed setting rate, which may be relevant for breeding high-yielding pear cultivars.