Binxu Wen: Plant Physiology First Author

Binxu Wen, co-first author of “The transcription factor PbrbZIP52 positively affects pear pollen tube longevity by promoting callose synthesis”

Education2016.09-2020.06,Minnan Normal University(Bachelor)

2020.09-, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (Master)

Non-scientific Interests: Singing and running

Brief bio: In 2020, I was fortunate to join the research group of Jianqing Chen from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. Under the guidance of Dr. Jianqing, we carried out a research on the reproductive physiological mechanism of Callose synthase (CalS) mediating cell wall remodeling to maintain pollen tube growth and complete double fertilization.

In angiosperms, rapid and healthy growth of pollen tube is a necessary condition for double fertilization and high seed setting rate. In this study, we reveal the mechanism by which the PbrbZIP52 transcription factor binds to the A-box element in the PbrCalS1B promoter, thereby transcriptionally regulating PbrCalS1B to promote callose synthesis and maintain the pollen tube lifetime of pear. These findings provide a new perspective on the molecular regulation mechanism of callose plug formation in pollen tube and provide theoretical guidance for breeding high-yield pear varieties.






个人简介:本人于2020年有幸加入福建农林大学陈建清老师的课题组,在陈建清导师的指导下开展胼胝质合成酶(CalS)介导细胞壁重塑维持花粉管生长完成双受精的相关生殖生理机制研究。被子植物中,花粉管的快速、健康生长是完成双受精和保证高结实率的必要条件。在本研究中,我们揭示了PbrbZIP52转录因子与PbrCalS1B.1启动子中的A-box元件结合,从而转录调控PbrCalS1B.1促进胼胝质合成维持梨花粉管寿命的机理。这些发现为花粉管胼胝质塞形成的分子调控机制提供全新的视角, 也为高产梨品种的育种工作提供理论指导。