Zhiwei Chen: The Plant Cell First Author

Zhiwei Chen, co-first author of “GmPIN-dependent polar auxin transport is involved in soybean nodule development”

Current Position:  Research assistant in Prof. Rui Xia’s lab in College of Horticulture, South China Agriculture University.

Education: MS in College of Resources and Environment, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. BS in College of Agriculture, South China Agriculture University.

Non-scientific Interests:  Listen to music, Reading and Running

Brief Bio:  Since 2017, I joined Prof. Xu Chen’s lab in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University as a master student, we focused on how does auxin regulate the formation of soybean nodule. During my Master study, I have been fascinated by life science. Therefore, in the future, I will continually participate in plant biology research and hope to have some interesting findings.