Zhen Gao: The Plant Cell First Author

Zhen Gao, co-first author of “GmPIN-dependent polar auxin transport is involved in soybean nodule development”

Current Position: Associated Professor, Horticultural Plant Biology and Metabolomics Center, Haixia Institute of Science and Technology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Education: PhD, VIB-Plant system biology department, Ghent University, Belgium

MA.Sc, Sichuan Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Photography, Movie, Basketball

Brief bio sketch: After I got my master’s degree in Sichuan Argricultural University. I joined Moritz Nowack’s lab in VIB-Plant System Biology department, Ghent University for my Ph.D study. My Ph.D projects were focused on the programmed cell death during flower development in Arabidopsis. We reported two NAC transcription factors ,KIR1 and ORE1, terminate the floral receptivity by promoting stigma PCD in Arabidopsis. After that, I moved back to Fuzhou,and joined Prof. Xu Chen’s lab in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. Now, my research is focused on the regulation of auxin transport and metabolism in soybean.