Yuxiang Hu: Plant Physiology First Author

Yuxiang Hu, first author of “Sucrose non-fermenting-1-related protein kinase 1 regulates sheath-to-panicle transport of non-structural carbohydrates during rice grain filling”

Current Position: PhD Student at Nanjing Agricultural University

Education: B.S. in Yangzhou University

Non-scientific Interests: Badminton and cooking

Brief bio: I graduated from Agricultural College of Yangzhou University in 2018 (B.S). During my B.S. study, I had a preliminary understanding of rice cultivation. In the same year, I was honored to join the Rice Cultivation Team of Nanjing Agricultural University under the supervision of Prof. Yanfeng Ding for my master’s degree. In 2020, I applied for master-doctor combined program. I focused on the physiological mechanism of non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) transport in rice leaf sheaths. Our results suggest that SnRK1 mediated regulation of NSC sheath-to-panicle remobilization in response to sucrose availability. This finding provides a new strategy for accelerating the sheath-to-panicle transport of NSC and field in rice.


姓名: 胡宇翔