Yue Niu: The Plant Cell First Author

Yue Niu, co-first author of The phospholipid flippase ALA3 regulates pollen tube growth and guidance in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: Associate professor in School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University.

Education: Ph.D. in School of Life Sciences with Prof. Guochang Zheng (Academician of CAS) at Lanzhou University.

Non-scientific Interests: Reading and Travelling

Brief bio:I did my Ph.D. at Prof. Guochang Zheng’s lab in Lanzhou University with the screening of mutant and related genes involved in plant responses to adverse environment. After the doctoral studies, I joined Prof. Yun Xiang’s Lab at Lanzhou University, in which I started my research journey on exploring the molecular and physiological functions of Arabidopsis phospholipid flippases. Type IV P-type ATPases (P4-ATPases) function as flippases which were required for the lipid asymmetry via flip-flopping specific phospholipids across membrane leaflets. The protein family were known to be found only in eukaryotic cells. Arabidopsis P4-ATPases termed Aminophospholipid ATPases (ALAs) were composed of 12 members which had been identified to have manifold capabilities. In our work, we discovered that ALA3 influence the precise localization of PRKs by regulating the distribution of anionic phospholipids during pollen tube growth and guidance. Our findings revealed a novel role for Arabidopsis P4-ATPase in regulating plant reproduction.