Yang Yang: The Plant Cell First Author

Yang Yang, the first author of The phospholipid flippase ALA3 regulates pollen tube growth and guidance in Arabidopsis

Current Position: Postdoctor in the School of Ecology, Lanzhou University

Education: Ph.D. in School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University

Non-scientific Interests: music, film, food

Brief bio: I started my post-graduate studies at School of Life Sciences in Lanzhou University since 2015 and afterwards had an opportunity to join Prof. Yun Xiang’s research team. During this stage, I mainly had a research on the pollen tube tip growth. With an interest in the growth and guidance of pollen tubes, I continued my doctoral studies at Prof. Yun Xiang’s lab in 2018.In 2020, I was a co-first author of an article published in The Plant Cell that shed light on how P4-ATPase ALA3 regulated the pollen tube tip growth, illustrating that ALA3 was involved in regulating the polar distribution of PS, while PS participated in the tip growth of pollen tubes by affecting the polar localization of certain Rab GTPases. In this work, we discovered that ALA3 regulated pollen tube growth and guidance by affecting the polar localization of PRKs via anionic phospholipids at the pollen tube tip, which offered a key theoretical foundation for perfecting the pollen tube tip growth mechanism and deepening our knowledge of pollen tube guidance. I will intend to keep research on the scientific mysteries surrounding the sexual reproduction of angiosperms as well as the tip growth and guidance of pollen tubes.







我于2015年进入兰州大学生命科学学院,有幸加入向云教授课题组攻读植物学硕士学位,在硕士阶段主要从事拟南芥花粉管极性生长方面的研究。2018年,我继续在向云教授课题组攻读博士学位,致力于拟南芥花粉管生长和导向方面的研究。2020年我以共同第一作者在The Plant Cell期刊发表了关于ALA3蛋白调控花粉管极性生长的研究,阐述了拟南芥花粉管中的P4-ATPase家族成员ALA3参与调控PS的极性分布,而PS通过调控某些Rab GTPases的极性定位来参与花粉管的极性生长。在本研究中,我们发现ALA3通过影响负电荷磷脂介导的PRKs 顶端极性定位调控花粉管生长和导向,这为完善花粉管的极性生长机制和深入理解花粉管导向的分子机理提供了重要的理论依据。未来我将继续致力于研究和探索花粉管极性生长、导向以及被子植物有性生殖相关的科学问题。