Yuan Guan: Plant Physiology First Author

Yuan Guan, first author of “The nitrate transporter OsNPF7.9 mediates nitrate allocation and the divergent nitrate use efficiency between indica and japonica rice”

Current Position: Professor at Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), China

Education: Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Non-scientific Interests: Singing, Playing the flute, Travelling

Brief bio: When working in Dr. Jiming Gong’s group as a research associate at Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, I was focusing on the molecular mechanism of nitrate transport and nitrogen use efficiency in rice. Since 2012, we hope to understand the functional role rice NPF gene family in plant environmental adaption, and also to find more SNP sites within NPFs with the divergent nitrogen use efficiency between indica and japonica rice, which is expected to provide a basis for molecular improvement of rice nitrogen use. At present, my research focuses on the molecular breeding of nutritional quality in sweet corn and waxy corn at Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

姓名: 关媛




简介: 2012年加入到中科院上海植生所龚继明老师课题组研究水稻硝酸盐转运及氮素高效利用分子机理。在此研究过程中,我们希望更多理解水稻NPF基因家族的功能及其与植物环境调控的关系,也希望寻找更多籼稻与粳稻氮素利用效率差异的SNP位点,为水稻氮素利用效率提高的分子改良提供基础。目前在上海市农业科学院作物育种栽培研究所进行鲜食玉米营养品质方面的分子育种工作。