Tao Wang: The Plant Cell First Author

Tao Wang, first author of “Maize RNA 3’-terminal phosphate cyclase-like protein promotes 18S pre-rRNA cleavage and is important for kernel development”

Current Position:  PhD student, Anhui Agricultural University

Education: BS in Biopharming, Anhui Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests:  Hiking, reading, and cooking

Brief bio sketch: In 2017, I received a bachelor’s degree in biopharmaceuticals from Anhui Agricultural University. After a brief period of studying Arabidopsis, I joined Dr. Jun Yang’s lab in 2019 to pursue a PhD degree at School of Life Sciences, Anhui Agricultural University. Yang’s lab studies the factors that control maize kernel quality and development. The developmental process of the maize kernel is important; yet, as a major food crop, it is equally crucial to increase its nutritional content. In the current work, we discovered a critical enzyme called RCL1 that is necessary for maize kernel growth and protein production. RCL1 impacts protein translation via engaging in 18S pre-rRNA processing and ribosome formation, according to our findings. In the future, I intend to answer more scientific concerns regarding the maize kernel, as well as give useful candidate genes for improving its quality.