Yongming Duan: Plant Physiology First Author

Yongming Duan, first author of “Combination of bacterial N-acyl homoserine lactones primes Arabidopsis defenses via jasmonate metabolism”

Current Position:

Ph.D. candidate at Julius Kühn-Institute, Germany


2018 – Now: Ph.D. student, Julius Kühn-Institute, Germany

2015 – 2018: Master, China Agricultural University, China

2011 – 2015: Bachelor, Hunan Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific Interests:

Reading and cooking

Brief bio:

Since October 2018, I’m working with my supervisor Dr. Adam Schikora at the Institute of Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnosis of the Federal Research Center for Cultivated Plants (JKI) in Germany, conducting research on the application of beneficial microorganisms to improve plant resistance towards pathogens.

N-acyl homoserine lactones (AHLs) are important players in plant-bacteria interactions. Different AHL‐producing bacteria can improve plant growth and resistance against plant pathogens. In nature, plants may host a variety of AHL‐producing bacteria and frequently experience numerous AHL at the same time. In this study, our findings revealed rather specific response of the host plant Arabidopsis thaliana to the combination of structurally diverse AHL molecules. Our study highlighted the function of jasmonates in this phenomenon. This has the potential to broaden our approaches in sustainable agriculture and will help to effectively protect plants against pathogens.

姓名 段雍明



2018-至今, 在读博士生,德国联邦栽培植物研究中心(JKI)

2015-2018, 硕士学位,中国农业大学




2018年10月起,我有幸与导师Adam Schikora博士在德国联邦栽培植物研究中心(JKI)流行病学与病原体诊断研究所,合作并开展了关于有益微生物提高植物抗性等方面的应用研究 。

N-酰基高丝氨酸内酯 (AHLs) 是植物和细菌相互作用中的重要参与者。不同的 AHLs 产生细菌可以改善植物生长和提高植物对病原体的抵抗力。在自然界中,植物可能携带多种 AHLs 产生细菌,进而经常同时响应多种 AHLs。在这项研究中,我们的发现揭示了植物拟南芥对分子结构多样性 AHL组合的特殊反应,并强调了茉莉酸在其中的作用。该研究丰富了保护植物免受病原体侵害的理论,有助于拓宽在可持续农业发展的方法和应用。