Yoko Hasegawa: The Plant Cell First Author

Yoko Hasegawa, first author of “The TGN/EE SNARE protein SYP61 and the ubiquitin ligase ATL31 cooperatively regulate plant responses to carbon/nitrogen conditions in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: Ph.D. student in Hokkaido University, Japan

Education: Bachelor and Master in Hokkaido University, Japan

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, hot springs (onsen), Japanese Sake

Brief bio: I have always loved living things and have been interested in how organisms integrate information to optimize their physiological activities in response to multiple environmental stimuli. I carried out my research on ubiquitin signaling and membrane trafficking in plant nutrient responses as my Ph.D. project in Profs. Junji Yamaguchi and Takeo Sato’s lab. After finishing my Ph.D., I will pursue my research on cell biology, aiming to dig deeper into the regulation of the membrane trafficking at the TGN.