Xuedan Wu: The Plant Cell First Author

Xuedan Wu, co-first author of “ERECTA regulates seed size independently of its intracellular domain via MAPK-DA1-UBP15 signaling”

Education: Ph.D., Hebei Normal University China; B.S., HuiHua College of Hebei Normal University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Travel, Reading and photography

Brief bio:

I joined Prof. Wenqiang Tang’s lab at Hebei Normal University in 2014. I am so grateful that Dr. Tang lead me into the scientific world, and carefully nourish my interest in science. My research in Dr. Tang’s lab was mainly focused on discovering new genes and mechanisms that regulate seed size maternally in Arabidopsis thaliana. I am particularly curious to know how does double fertilization initiates seed and/or fruit development. I think if we can uncover the key mechanism that governs this process, we may be able to use that knowledge to breed new crop varieties that can still be productive under adverse conditions (such as cold or heat stress) that are not favor successful double fertilization. I have defended my dissertation successfully, and am now looking for new opportunities to continue exploring the wonder plant world. I am a germinating ‘good seed’, and hope one day I can thrive in scientific world.




河北师范大学, 博士