Xiaoping Xu: Plant Physiology First Author

Xiaoping Xu, first author of “Riboflavin mediates m6A modification targeted by miR408, promoting early somatic embryogenesis in longan”

Current Position: Research assistant, Institute of biotechnology Research, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fuzhou, China

Education: 2012.09-2016.06, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (bachelor); 2016.09-2022.06, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (PhD).

Non-scientific interests: Reading, Playing badminton and volleyball

Brief bio: I am currently working in Biotechnology Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I was fortunate to be guided by Prof. Zhongxiong Lai and Prof. Yuling Lin from the College of Horticulture, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. I have been studying the mechanism of miR408 in the process of early somatic embryogenesis (SE) of longan since my postgraduate study in 2016. The related research results have been published in Scientific Report (2020), Journal of Plant Physiology (2021), Plant science (2022), and Plant physiology (2023). This study optimized the SE transgene regeneration system of longan to achieve embryogenic callus (EC) transformation of longan to induce somatic embryogenesis, verifying the function of embryonic development genes, thus solving the problem of long verification period of gene function in the process of embryonic development in woody plants. This study revealed dlo-miR408-3p-DlNUDT23-FMN-m6A model promoting the division and differentiation of early embryonic cells of longan, and provided new insights into the molecular mechanism of miR408 in early SE of longan and other plants.

My collaborators and I are very honored and pleased to have this article published in Plant Physiology.








个人简介:本人目前就业于福建省农业科学院生物技术研究所。自2016年研究生入学以来有幸一直在福建农林大学园艺学院赖钟雄研究员与林玉玲教授的指导下开展miR408在龙眼体胚发生早期的作用机制研究。相关研究成果发表在Scientific Report(2020)、Journal of Plant Physiology(2021)、Plant science(2022)、和Plant physiology(2023)上。本研究优化龙眼SE转基因再生体系,实现转基因龙眼胚性愈伤组织(embryogenic callus,EC)诱导体胚发生,进而验证胚胎发育基因的功能,解决了木本植物胚胎发育过程基因功能验证周期长的难题。本研究揭示了dlo-miR408-3p-DlNUDT23-FMN-m6A模型促进龙眼早期胚性细胞分裂分化的作用机制,为miR408在龙眼及其他植物体胚发生中的分子机制研究提供新的思路。我和我的合作者为这篇文章发表在Plant Physiology上感到十分荣幸和由衷地高兴。