Xiaomin Liu: Plant Physiology First Author

Xiaomin Liu, co-first author of “Fruit crops combating drought: physiological responses and regulatory pathways”

Current Position: PhD, College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University, China

Education: 2012.09–2016.06 Shanxi Normal University (B.Sc.); 2016.09–2019.06 Northwest A&F University (M.Sc.; PhD)

Non-scientific interests: Playing Badminton

Brief bio: I graduated from College of Life Science, Shanxi Normal University in 2018. The undergraduate study gave me a preliminary understanding of horticulture. In the same year, I was honored to join the Stress Biology of Fruit Trees NWAFU led by Professor Fengwang Ma and my PhD advisor is Professor Chao Li. Currently I am working on the efficient use of water and nutrients in apple. In the past five years, I have published 4 SCI papers as the first author.